5 Reasons you should own your own business

A turnkey business is a business that’s ready to run from day one. Once Rocket30 is done creating the Turnkey Business, The model is already designed, website, products, equipment, and In some cases, the name, logo, and even a customer base in some situations. What makes it attractive is that you get to skip the heavy lifting-like setup process. The buyer of a turnkey business just requires some labor and capital investment to make it grow. The awesome thing about Rocket30's Turnkey businesses, that we take it much further. we show you how to start a business in 30 days using our prebuilt business and systems. we show you what is trending and what best new businesses to start. Even if you decide not to buy a turnkey business from us, Rocket30 can still connect you with an expert consultant for starting a new business.

With our Technology and media networks, we put people in business in 30 Days from start to finish 

About Us

From Business to idea in 30 Days

we help our client start a new business in 30 days. Some of our clients start with no idea of what they want to do at first but end up with a new business in 30 days

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  • Owning your own business puts you in total control

  • You will be making your dreams come true instead of working for someone else to make their dreams happen

  • Your income is unlimited. Once your system is in place, you can expand as far as you want

  • Your time becomes yours. You set your own hours

  • You get to choose whom you want to work with. You will hire only the people you would like to work with.

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