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180k Carpet Cleaning


For a limited Time

Bonus Videos Included with Package

    Blueprint Includes

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Get the step-by-step blueprint to create a $180,000 carpet cleaning business. This blueprint will show you:

  • How to research the demand for your services 

  • How to map out your service area

  • How to be competitive in any service area

  • How to price your service to reach $180,000 per year

  • How to set up maintenance programs to generate $6,000 extra per month

  • How to hire 50 people in 30 days without coming out of pocket to get started


  • How to find the best condo management companies to do business with

  • learn how to secure contracts with  condo building

  • How to Target condo Property management companies

  • The Best marketing strategies to grow expand your market share in the condo carpet cleaning niche

  • How to Set Prices

Dr's Office & Clinics Blueprint

  • How to find and pick the clinics and pharmacies to target in your service areas

  • Best techniques to turn clinics and pharmacies into your clients

Business Office Blueprint

  • How to find and pick business offices to target in your service areas

  • Best techniques to turn business offices into your clients

How to get contracts with Churches


The Condos Blueprint

  • How to find the most profitable 

  • How to use proven marketing techniques to increase your contract closing rate

The Craigslist Blueprint

  • How to target areas 

  • How to Post the best Ads

  • How to beat the competition

How to get 1,000 Visits
in 30 days

  • How To Target the clients you want 

  • How to use Blog posts & SEO

  • Videos (Downloadable)

  • Audios (Downloadable)

CL slide-1920x1080.jpg
cable networks.jpeg

How To Get On Major Channels
Fast and cheap


50k Business Credit in 30 Days.jpg

How To Get $50,000 Credit
in 6 Months




How To Partner with 
National Brands to Grow your business


partner with national brands-2.jpg


Using Blog & SEO To Target your audience-cover-3-tiny.png

Case Studies

$284 in  48 Minutes
$194 in  1 Hour
$209 in  35 Minutes
$724 in Less Than 2 Hours
$299 in  43 Minutes
$300 in 1 Hour
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