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Starting a new business in 30 days

Venturing into a new business is often an experience filled with more than one emotion; fun, exciting, scary. The first 30 days of a company are always the determinant of your business; that is why it is essential to pay attention to every move you make within these 30 days. According to an article by Entrepreneur, around 550,000 people become entrepreneurs monthly. However, not many businesses make it past their first month. Rocket 30, which aims at turning your idea into a business in just 30 days, can help you get through the first month and grow into a successful business.

Here are some of the benefits of starting a business in 30 days;

From Idea to business in 30 Days

Starting a business requires so many steps; having a 30-day roadmap gives you a sense of direction on going about some of these steps like searching for funding, creating a website, finding a physical location, and coming up with a budget. This 30-day period helps you organize yourself quickly and effectively develop a working strategy and a plan on how your business should look in a short amount of time, and Rocket 30 offers support, even technical, to you from the start of your journey.

Some of the great hindrances aspiring entrepreneurs face are lack

of information, fear, and procrastination, making them abandon their ideas and settle for what they can. However, Rocket 30 helps entrepreneurs get out of their comfort zone and work towards their goals, providing coaching to those who want to continue to grow their businesses. We are always so focused on the failing part that we cannot entertain the thought of "what if it succeeds?". Starting a new business in 30

days helps you confront your fear and go for what you want.

You are open to unlimited possibilities; you can make your business be whatever you want it to be and be your own boss, something many of us look forward to. Starting a new business allows you to solve a problem in the economic sector, provide a source of livelihood for yourself and your employees, and open doors to the fantastic world of entrepreneurship. It might seem undoable with a partner like Rocket30; it is possible to take that leap of faith into success.

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