This audio course will take you step by step with a blueprint to create 180k per year carpet cleaning business

  1. Income blueprint-set up your carpet cleaning business to generate 180k Per Year
  2. How to Create Maintenance Programs to generate extra $1,000's per month
  3. How to Expand into 100 cities in 30 days
  4. How to get to 10 churches in 30 days
  5. How to get up to $50,000 in business credit in 6 months (without  personal credit)
  6. How to  Use big name brands to grow your business
  7. How to Get access to new vehicles and build a fleet without buying the vehicles
  8. How to Partner with large name brands to grow your business
  9. How to make your business famous in your city fast
  10. How to partner with real estate agents or real estate companies to grow your business
  11. How to hire 20 Sales people in 30 days without spending any upfront money


Added Bonus:

  • Rocket30 will produce a Video Commercial for your carpet cleaning business to use on social media and Tv
  • Rocket30 will create a up to a 3 page website for your carpet cleaning business
  • How to Target Motels for huge profits

How To Start a 180k Carpet Cleaning Business


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