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The Exotic Car Rental Business In 30 Days

Rocket30 has been following the exotic car rental industry for a while. We have watched it continue to grow has demand for driving an exotic car grows. Owning an exotic car rental business give you many options and opportunities. You have access to the worlds most exotic and admired cars. The cars does the advertising for you. You are able to drive exotic cars at anytime. This is marketing even when you are not trying. Also An exotic car is the best business card you can have.

Getting Started

In the past, running an exotic car rental company required a large working capital and top notch customer service... Now these day with platforms like Turo, you are able to use their system to start your business in one day with no investment other than the cost to acquire the 1st exotic car you want to start with on the platform. You will need decent credit score and proof of income so that you can get your 1st car

Demand for exotics

Anyone can drive an exotic vehicle, even if you cannot afford to own one

some business owners who are not able to afford an exotic car are also regular clients at exotic car rentals.

people on vacation rent luxury cars all the time. In most case, the demand for exotic car out weighs the supply. for which an exotic car rental business idea will turn out successful from the beginning. Imagine offering an exotic car rental in a city where such cars are rarely seen on the streets. They can rent one to take to a meeting with a client. Pulling up in an exotic car making that awesome 1st impression is very important

The Luxury Car Rental market is forecasted to worth approximately USD22.5 billion globally in the end of 2022. The CAGR during 2016-2022 is expected to reach 14.5%.

rocket30 has a Exotic car rental package that can have your exotic car business up and running with the car included in 30 days.

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